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Labeled by the French Equestrian Federation

Horses & Competitions complies with the technical and regulatory requirements of the competitions of the French Equestrian Federation.

Multi-user entry

Horses & Competitions is designed to be used by several people simultaneously.
Divide tasks and increase your efficiency in managing your event.


There is no need to install our platform, it is available on all devices with a web browser and an internet connection.
You can start your entry on a computer and continue on a tablet closest to the event.

Import FFE File

Simply import the file of your event provided by the FFE to automatically create your event on our platform. (Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Hunter, Derby Cross, Derby Eventing, Cross indoor)


Your time is precious, we ask you as little information as possible to set up your event, it will only take you a few minutes for a full setting.

Exportable results file

Export all the detailed results of your event in one click and pass them on to the FFE.


Generate bib numbers, pre-filled protocols, departure listings or rankings with just a few clicks

Simple to use

With Horses & Competitions you limit errors, the entry is simplified, we take care of all calculations (totals, averages, penalties) as well as a series of checks.

Automatic updates

We continually update our platform to meet FFE regulations.

Single price

60 HT /event is the price to use the entire functions of our platform without limits.

Dedicated support

A team of professionals assists you in case of difficulties before, during and after your competitions.

RGPD Compliance

Our platform complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), your data is stored securely in France.


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