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Access and use

Horses & Competitions is a web application, it is not necessary to proceed with an installation.

Developed in responsive design our tool fits all screen sizes and is available on any devices (computer, tablet or smartphone).

You benefit from the advantage of new technologies with our solutions, you can manage your competition simultaneously from several devices.

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Labeled by the French Equestrian Federation

Horses & Competions complies with the technical and regulatory requirements of the French Equestrian Federation competitions for the following disciplines and divisions:

Jumping, Hunter, Eventing, Dressage for Club, Amateur and Pro events.

labellisé par le Fédération Française d'Équitation

Preparation & secretariat

Once the deadline for commitments you can import the XML file provided by the FFE, it allows us to integrate all the information necessary for the management of your event with 1 click.

Once the competition is imported you have the possibility to edit for each event the bibs, the dressage protocols pre-filled and the starting list with the passage times.

You can at any time inform the ground commitments and organizing invitations.

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Setup simplified

because your time is precious, we ask for as little information as possible to set up your competition, just a few minutes for a full Setup.

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Entry & jury

It is not because you are the organizer that you do not have to live your part of event as well, share your tasks and enjoy your event with our multi-users system.

It is not always obvious to keep abreast of the latest novelties of the regulation or format each person on the team. With Horses & Competitions you limit the errors, the input is simplified, we take care of all calculations (totals, averages, penalties) as well as a series of checks.

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Ranking & broadcasting

Your rankings are calculated in real time, each entry of an operator ranking is updated for ever more precision.

The rankings are available in several formats:

  • PDF graphic print with your logo and your sponsors
  • Available directly on our website
  • Digital screen in LIVE webcasting
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Export of the results to the FFE

Do not spend your evenings to copy the results of your competition on the site of the Federation. Our application is compatible with the servers of the FFE, you can in a few clicks download a file containing all the detailed results of your competition.


Organize challenges

Club, CDE or CRE take advantage of our platform to organize challenges at a lower cost.

If all your contests have been processed by our platform you can very quickly create a challenge with several innings and coefficients. This is an effective way for you to perpetuate your entries throughout the season.

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