Who we are

Horses - Competitions is a team passionate about computer science and horse riding. We leverage our expertise in security and IT development to provide you with an innovative platform.

Since 2013, Horses and Competitions has been committed on a daily basis to promote equestrian competition and make it accessible to all. Year after year, discipline after discipline we have always made sure to bring the same simplicity of use to our tool.

traitement des résultats cross indoor saumur © Crédit photo Mise O point

Our story

The history of our company


Launch of the platform

Mars 2013

When we started this project we wanted to propose an innovative solution that brings real solutions, which is why as early as 2013 we offered our online platform without any installation and commitment, a real challenge at a time when 4G did not yet exist.



Juillet 2014

Our solution attracts more and more organizers who listen to solutions that allow them to enter multipost and therefore more fluid. Our solution is chosen for the first time to manage the final of the Regional Championship in Saint-Cyr-du-Doret.


New discipline

Juillet 2014

In the face of your growing demand, we are adding CSO support to our solution. As for the Eventing and Dressage this new discipline is available for SHF, Pro, Amateur and club competitions


FFE Labeling

Novembre 2014

Our application is officially recognized as being suitable for download to the french Equestrian Federation systems for full competition and dressage


Management of the Grand National CCE

Avril 2015

The official recognition of the quality of our solution and its ease of implementation, allows us to gain the confidence of Tartas and the Grand National team to manage the stage of CCE taking place there that year.


The elite of dressage in front of our application

Septembre 2015

At Horses - Competitions we love challenges and we value your feedback. That's why we regularly go to the field to test our solution in front of a demanding public like for example during the pro Dressage events at the Vendéen Equestrian Pole.


Management of the French Amateur Championships

Octobre 2015

Our success in processing the results of the CCE Grand National stage in Tartas allows us to get the management of the French Amateur CCE championships. Beyond the effectiveness of our solution it is our responsiveness and our ability to find solutions that are appreciated.


Saumur Cross Indoor Management

Novembre 2015

The Association France Complet has called on us for a new challenge: the live management of the results of the Cross Indoor de Saumur. A challenge we have taken up to enable the entire public on-site and online to follow the events in real time.


New discipline

Juin 2016

At your request, we add Hunter support to our solution. As for the CEC, the CSO and the Dressage this new discipline is available for the SHF, Pro, Amateur and club competitions


FEI Accreditation

Novembre 2016

Our application becomes compatible with the 1 to 5-stars international eventing event



Mars 2017

With our mutual trust, Tartas entrusts us with the management of its international 1 and 2 stars of eventing


No fault

Octobre 2018

For the 4th year in a row, we manage the results of the French Amateur eventing Championship


Management of the GN and the Master PRO of CCE

Avril 2019

Horses - Competitions gets the management of the stage of the CCE Grand National in Pompadour as well as that of the Master PRO


Equyp Network

Janvier 2020

The success of a project depends above all on the men and women who compose it, so it is natural that Horses - Competitions has joined the Equyp Network to offer you an ever more complete and always qualitative service.


Covid 19

Mars 2020

Soucieux de favoriser l'accès à la compétitions à tous en cette période difficile, Horses & Competitions offre l'utilisation de sa plateforme toute l'année